Rambling About the Past and the Grammys

The Grammys were announced tonight.  Funny, I used to be so enthralled with this annual announcement as if it were an affirmation of my musical tastes.  I grew up though and realized its just another over-rated accolade to semi-talented musicians who need to sell records.  Or a popularity party.  Or a good lead in for the many mind-numbing celebrity “news” shows that proliferate mainstream television today. (okay, okay, I confess, I love the Black Keys and Mumford & Sons…see?  old habits die hard)

And, as is the way of my mind, that lead to my next thought:   I always wanted to date a musician.  A REAL musician, not the air guitarists of my youth or the John Cusack wannabes with a boombox on their shoulder.  I wanted to be involved with a musician  for his creativity; for his emotional depth; for his poetic talent; but if the truth REALLY be known, (label this next revelation  narcissistic) I wanted to be his romantic muse.  I wanted him to write love songs for me.  Or Goodbye songs.  Or “Wish you Were Here” songs.  I wasn’t looking for the song of the year or even a Top 40 song.  Just one for me 🙂  Which leads  me to this post.  I was playing the piano tonight, showing off for my 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son.  This is the song I played.  Then of course, I had to give them the whole history of Simon & Garfunkel and how cool the 70’s were.  Truly, they were.  I was an innocent kid just a few years from becoming a teen,  but this song was beautiful to me even then and it may have been the start of my wishful wanting: