More Thoughts Inspired by an Evening with Glenlivet




There was a battle for my attention last night.  The kids were gone and I was alone, well okay, not really alone.  My St. Bernard, Aristotle, was with me.  As was my phone (read that as texts, messages), A new bottle of Glenlivet and FIOS TV movies.  I had an enjoyable text session…I thoroughly enjoyed “Brave” (yeah, sad isn’t it?  I watched a “kid” movie with no kids) but Glenlivet won the attention war.   And like it always does, it made me think about the following things….ready?

1.  This whole Petraeus thing.  What’s up with that?  Here’s what Glenlivet made me think (I’ll call Glenlivet GLEN because after all, I do share many a thought and evening with him)….First, I don’t trust our government, I just don’t.  I think politicians lie, cheat and steal all for the benefit of their wallets and power.  I have yet to ever meet an honest politician.  I was once a Republican, but that was before I was enlightened.  I’ve never been a Democrat…as a self-employed taxpayer, I have always been enlightened to their political antics.  I don’t agree with their tenets of tax, tax, tax….they wouldn’t feel that way if they paid as much tax as I and my family have then watch it frittered away with presidential comforts, seriously ignorant social programs and pork barrel expenditures. If I did that with my money, I would be living on the streets, but they don’t… But that’s another post.  Back to Glen and Petraeus.  I think Petraeus knew all about the Libyan terrorist attack on our Embassy many months ago and threatened to let the American people know that fact.  Right before the election no less!   In retaliation (and because Hilary Clinton’s  “it’s my own fault” speech didn’t work) the present Administration threatened back with this “mistress” revelation.  Funny how it all happened after the election was won.  Funny how both of the women involved have been to the White House.   Funny how our government can snoop out personal issues, but not terroristic ones.  Funny how by labeling Petraeus an adulterer (only Bill Clinton’s teflon personality can let that label slide off) it does the following:

  • Takes the attention away from the Libyan bombing.
  • Makes the religious zealots, teabaggers and true Christians uncomfortable.
  • Makes the Administration look really good to its constituents for “blowing the Scarlet Letter whistle” on a one-time warmonger.
  • Assures the short-term memory of Americans don’t remember how close the election was and how bad the economy is.

What do you think?  Is Glen pulling my leg?  Or are we really becoming more stupid as Americans?

2.  Does anyone know if Andy Samberg wrote the Rap lyrics for Jimmy Fallon’s sketches on SNL when Samberg first started and Fallon was on his way out?  I watched a rerun last night and I so heard the Samberg style in Fallon’s funny rap songs.  (yeah, Glen knew I was getting way too deep on the military/political issue so he lightened me up!)

3.  Would it be really bitchy of me to make a Pinterest board of things I dislike?  I mean, Pinterest is so “touchy, feely, glittery” and I would be adding an element of negativity.  Good or bad?  Your thoughts?

4.  Miguel Cabrera over Mike Trout for MVP?  Really?  Were the sportswriters who were voting under Glen’s spell as well?  The Angels would have NEVER gotten as far as they did without Trout.  Really?  Another epic voting failure.  Sheesh, it seems to be contagious!

So that’s it.  I’m really worried about the Israeli war.  I’m really worried about this country’s future.  I want to do something to make it stop, but don’t know how other than to educate my children.  My next task is to find out how difficult it would be to start another political party…I would call it “THE PATRIOT PARTY” for people who feel like I do.  The time’s they are a-changing, and not in a good way.

As usual, please don’t email, text or comment with hateful barbs.  Glen inspired me.  (though I actually invited him to do so)  It’s not Glenlivet, it’s the freedom of thinking.  I don’t want to lose that either!


Patriotism and Secession and Who’s Truly the Whacko?

From the

Yesterday, my daughter told me that Twitter was afire with people tweeting about seceding from the United States.  I laughed it off and blamed it on the under 30 set (read that as high schoolers and those that still think they are) being bored and agitating liberals and conservatives alike.  I joked that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea due to the lack of responsibility from ALL politicians today.  I for one am really tired of government spending my hard earned money on their wasteful government spending, political vacations,  the President’s comfort (I knew I should have grown up to be the president)  fake wars and invasions, fiscal cliffs and general lying to the people of the United States.  Heck, anyone who has ever lived with me knows I can spend money too.  I just have  a problem spending other people’s money.  (unlike our government)

It has to stop.

What I didn’t know until today, is that there are many people who feel the same way, and not just the “whacko” Texans (as my NY friends call them).    Texas wants to secede.   So do 37 other states.  What does this say about the state of the true union?  About the 99% ers?  About those of us who are sick and tired of the same ole same ole?

I don’t blame the President.  I blame our system.  The President and every other politician in office right now is just taking advantage of what “We the People”  have allowed.

It has to stop.

I also don’t think secession is the answer.  But if it wakes up the political powers that be, then there’s progress.

Remember what our Constitution says…..what our Forefathers said about forming our union.  Don’t want to reread the Constitution but need a quick reminder about patriotism?

Here it is:

The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.”
―    Thomas Paine

What do you think?  And please….I beg of you.  Be civil.  Don’t call me a redneck, crazy teabagger, religious zealot, inbred Texan.  I’m a sapiosexual remember?