Are Sex Toys Immoral?

Velvet Box Goody Bar

I live in Texas. We have the reputation of being Bible Belters, of being big on sports, but taboo on sex. It’s a warranted reputation. For example, one of the stores I frequent, The Velvet Box, has been sued to move from the Alliance Shopping Center because it is considered immoral for the shopping minions. At this point, I would argue with you that capitalistic greed is much more immoral than sex, but hey, that’s another post for another time. Does that make sexual toys immoral?

What stroked  stoked my attention today is the news that civic and political leaders aren’t just sexual prudes in Texas.  Today I read that Mayor Bloomberg feels the same way.  Wait?  New York City’s  Mayor Bloomberg?  The “progressive, liberal city” that is much more open-minded than those backward Texans?  No way!!!

It’s true.

In today’s Salon,  there’s an article about a NYC vibrator give away that was shut down by the city.  Seems there were lines of 300 or more people qeued to get some sexual swag from the makers of Trojan Condoms.  The city said, “no way”. You can read  the full story here.

With the wild fervor over Fifty Shades of Grey, you would think that our “leaders” would understand like my converted Church of Christ preacher stated, “Sex is not just for procreation, it’s what keeps a relationship alive”. Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as as orgasm.

I’m proud to say The Velvet Box is one of my favorite stores.  I happily read erotica.  I even write it!   Does that make me immoral?

I don’t think so.