50 Shades of Things On My Mind

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey


The last romance  man in my life used to accuse me of seeing everything black and white Another reason we aren’t together, he didn’t understand my mind at all.   In his defense though, I DO see things black and white when it comes to my worldview.  My principals are black and white.  My love is black and white. Only to me though, many people don’t understand why I allow people in my life that they consider “lesser”…see?  That’s their black and white.  Understanding is the key!   I always see the grey in things I don’t understand.  Why?  Because the blacks and whites are what makes the grey….both literally and figuratively.  I sort things problems into blacks and whites to better understand…to make my world more orderly. OMG that sounds so OCD!  Anyway, here are the greys I’m trying to sort out right now.

  • The big Abortion brouhaha that is currently taking our collective minds off of rising inflation, the madness of the IRS and double talk from our current administration.  Why are we arguing about this?  I’m a feminist.  I believe in both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.  As a Mother who was told for 12 years of marriage I could never have kids and went through the  $$$ testing, in vitro , foster child, adoptive child processes I just don’t understand.   Why would any woman get an abortion after the second trimester?  Why?  Do you pro-life feminists not realize you are setting feminism back by hundreds of years by exploiting our “right to change our minds” scenario?  During the second trimester you can feel the baby moving inside you.  You may even get an ultra-sound that shows your baby sucking his/her thumb in utero.  By 20 weeks most Mothers have bonded with the baby they are carrying. One of my friends couldn’t carry her baby full term and the baby was born at 23 weeks.  This child is a beautiful blessing for my friend and is part of society.   If you were raped, then by all means you shouldn’t have to feel shame for getting an abortion, but that’s usually done right away.  If your religion says “no” then “so”?  Your relationship with God is one on one and He knows what’s in your heart.  Now, on the Pro-Choice side,  if a woman truly wants to have an abortion due to health, finances, ignorance, genetic counseling, then she’s going to have one.  That’s that!  Why put women through the horror most women in third world countries and some 1st world countries must endure due to sloppy “doing it for the money” Doctors, or self-inflicted coat hanger abortions?  Legal abortions protect women.  Why would our government see this as bad?  Our government is not our moral compass, we the people are. We haven’t illegalized guns, why should we illegalize abortion?  And another thing, if the fetus isn’t a “living being” then why when someone kills a pregnant woman they are charged with TWO deaths?  Why so much hypocrisy in our government?  Why?  If we do this to women are we going to tell men they can only be a “baby Daddy” a limited amount of times and then he must be snipped?    Here’s an idea….why don’t we just expect people to take responsibility for their actions and not let the government tell us how to run our lives?  What a novel idea!
  • Okay, now for some fun pop-culture greys.  Sharknado.  A social media phenomenon and one of the worst movies ever made.  What does this say about us as a society?  I truly can’t find the black and white in this one.
  • And to end these ramblings, the book that spawned see what I did there? this blog post:  Fifty Shades of Grey.  After reading snippets of it in 2011, I swore I wouldn’t read it.  But a newlywed friend from my high school days begged me to read it.  BEGGED ME!  She says she values my opinion. So for you Claudia?  The book did not turn me on.  The characters were two-dimensional.  And after reading it, I didn’t want to lay Christian Grey, I wanted to psycho-analyze him.  It was at once repelling and degrading.  It was like bullet points 1 and 2 above.   In my summary, here’s an intelligent, newly graduated from college protagonist who is still a virgin falling for a handsome man with money, power and HUGE issues.  Why is this story such a sensation?  You remember the love of my life John?  Remember how handsome, sexy, electric we were together?  Remember how his family owned hotels on the Greek Islands?  Remember how I couldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him?  Why do we celebrate dysfunction?  Why?  The best thing about the book is that the protagonist, Anastasia, listened to her inner voice and did what was right for her as well as for him.   She left him.  Still my friend Claudia?  smile

Put Your Big Girl Panties On: Feminism and Politics




I have a deep and metaphysical disdain for politicians.  I didn’t use to.  At one time in my college career, I wanted to be the 2nd female governor of Texas Ann Richards beat me to it!  Now I realize that politicians, both male and female, are parasites on our taxes and culture.  The Presidential Election has become one big Oscar party.  Sound bytes become hot topics.  It’s as if Madonna blazed the way for not only female entertainers, but all politicians in the way of ‘shock tactics’ to get attention.  There’s no sincerity.  There’s no depth.  There’s just a Mean Girls type atmosphere that affects both sexes.  And you know what?  I now believe Politicians should be androgynous in their rhetoric! at least so in doing their jobs. 

I am a former professor of Rhetoric.  One of my jobs was teaching my students how to argue in the most logical, intelligent way.  We analyzed presidential debates, commercials and marketing copy.  We labeled the many rhetorical devices used and why or why they weren’t successful.

Ms. Feinstein?  As a woman, you’ve embarassed me.  A man debates you with logic and intellect and Socratic reasoning, and you cry to Wolf Blitzer that you’re feelings are hurt.  Waahh, Waah, Waah!  Your feelings????  Really?  This isn’t a subjective forum…or wait, maybe for you it is.  Don’t you realize that men throughout the ages have not wanted to “argue” with women because we are so “subjective”?  Your “hurt feelings” remark solidified subjectivity.  You set feminism back 50 years!  You can’t have it both ways without allowing a man to have it both ways as well.  See?  We’re still a democratic country.  What do you want?  For Ted Cruz to stand outside your Congressional window with a boombox playing your favorite tune ala John Cusack in “Say Anything?”



Hillary Clinton did the same thing during the Libyan Embassy debacle.  She cried.  Big, manipulative “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” tears.  God! If that isn’t a rhetorical ploy I don’t know one.  The heat was on and instead of taking responsibility, she cried.  Manipulate the male constitituents to “pity” the female politician.  NO NO NO!  We don’t need pity, either from male or female politicians.  We need change. Not the nonexistent change our current administration promised, but real change.  Why hasn’t one…just ONE politician proposed a bill that lowers their terms and salaries.  Why hasn’t one, JUST ONE politician taken a stance on social parties, first class airfare and perks?  Whichever, whomever, whatever party, politician or person comes up with that will be the person I follow.  But for now, as a woman, it would be nice to see another woman take the heat and be strong;  Not whine to the media that they are “persecuted” by the big ugly men of Washington.

I am still in awe of Ted Cruz’s dialogue with Dianne Feinstein.  Dianne, the empress of California and Ted Cruz, the whippersnapper from Texas.  It’s all too funny and too sad at the same time.  I applaud Mr. Cruz for his debate with Ms. Feinstein.  I am no teabagger.  But I do care about our Constitution…..and the misrepresentation of truth.