The Things Single Malt Scotch Makes Me Think

Stress.  When is it ever good?

I think I found the answer.  Well, maybe an answer just for me, but an answer all the same. When I am totally relaxed, I am the woman I was in my 30’s.  I can think.  I can debate.  I can be passionate (let your mind wander with that one) and I get ideas.  Some great, some not so great.  I have been highly stressed for awhile now, so the relaxation has had to come through yoga, sex or single malt Scotch.  Today I share with you the ideas that Glenlivet has given me through its amber aura of relaxation.

  • On Texas freeways, driving laws state that you may only use the left lane for passing other cars, presumably for safety reasons.  How does this make sense?  Cars enter and exit the freeways  from the right, thus forcing drivers driving the speed limit to move to the left lane.  All this moving and swerving.  Isn’t that more dangerous than driving at the speed limit rather than having to change lanes often?  Why isn’t the right lane the slow lane? and “NO” I wasn’t driving when this idea came about.
  • Have you ever analyzed a “Breaking News” newscast?  This week, there was a bomb scare at the University of Texas campus.  Local and National television stations all interrupted “regularly scheduled programming” to report this news.  It was terrible.  The uninspired news anchors (or news writers) could NOT get the phone in interviews to create any drama.  They asked leading questions like, “Did you see any terrorist activity?”  “Was there pandemonium on campus?”  “Were you scared?”  The students on the phone just answered in monosyllabic answers and seemed more interested in ensuring their friends and family heard them on air rather than creating any drama.  What happened to reporting the news rather than trying to create it?
  • I tweet a LOT during Ranger games.  A LOT!  I also follow several local and national sports beat writers for the Rangers as well as opinionated bloggers (I like opinionated people) I have noticed that these writers, especially those with many followers, can change the “judgement” of a team or player or organization through just a few tweets.  Are we really such sheep that we can so easily be influenced by a tweet?  Really?  I love Twitter, I do.  I find that the information there (for the most part) is new and engaging.  What I find disheartening (other than the deluge of political tweets, both Democratic and Republican) is how pervasive this attitude of changing public perception through “seeming expertise” is accepted.  People?  These men and women are people just like you and me.  They aren’t experts in stats, psychology or prophecy, they are writers.  They have opinions that they, of course are entitled to have, but there’s a difference in opinion and fact.  Educate yourselves people!
  • Conspiracies. The culture of no trust.  The generation of question.  What causes this?  I believe it is our government’s manipulation of the media, Hollywood and economics.  What happened to our search for the truth?  Are our politicians so busy passing laws to “payback” the big companies that funded their campaigns that the “people” no longer matter?  Is our country so far in debt that we’re about to fall so we must not let “we the people” be aware? Are the Christians and Atheists, Republicans and Democrats, Heterosexual and Homosexual communities so engaged in their own agendas that they can’t see the big picture?  Is this guy for real or just using the “Madonna” marketing meme of shock?

Glenlivet didn’t give me that answer.  Do you have one?