This blog is for people who find intelligence the most sexually attractive feature of another.  Then, “why” you may ask,  is the author ( me )blogging about  something as inane as coning?



For those of you who don’t have teenagers, or  don’t watch Nick at Night, or don’t have teenaged Facebook friends, or don’t spend all your time on YouTube, here’s the definition of coning from Urban Dictionary:

the act of buying a ice cream cone through a drive-through and grabbing it by the ice cream itself not the cone. (generally known as the new planking)
noah went through the drive through at mcdonalds for a coning session to the workers disbelief!
And here’s a YouTube visual:
Kids these days!  Whatever happened to good old Toilet papering houses?
I know, not a sexually attractive blog post, but don’t you feel smarter?  Or at least more hip?