Freedom Extinction in America



I’ve been meaning to blog this for a few weeks.   After a recent run-in with an employee at Starbucks, I knew I had to write this.  My friend from Colorado was visiting.  She has Cancer.  She also has a medical prescription for marijuana.  She was using a vaporizer in my car (she was on the passenger side) and while we were paying for our iced coffees that the barista with the affected voice for character got wrong ,said barista said pointedly to my bald friend, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but you cannot smoke in the Starbucks line.” I started laughing, thinking it was a joke.  It wasn’t…read this.  (nota bene:  I got no contact high, and sent the iced coffees back)

The problem is, this subject runs me through a gauntlet of terrible feelings:  Getting older, becoming crotchety, feeling helpless, feeling like I haven’t done enough, blah blah blah….and then the neurosis sets in and I begin worrying about my children.  Am I teaching them how to protect their rights?  Am I teaching them to question their government?  Am I propagandizing  or am I sowing seeds of questioning in their minds?  The First World problems meme is often funny.  This one isn’t.  We truly DO have first world problems.  If American logic has become so denigrated that we must depend on our government to tell us what to do then we truly have problems.  Our freedom is becoming extinct and we are helping it happen!  We worry about losing the ozone.  We worry about pedophiles.  We worry about global warming.  Why aren’t we worrying about out freedom?  The liberties, freedoms, rights however you like to label them that I have seen become extinct in my lifetime are:

  • Wearing seatbelts
  • If living in New York, the extinction of the Big Gulp and soon salt.
  • Freely giving sensitive information to Google, Facebook, Skype, AOL, and YouTube then allowing them to sell said information for profit, espionage and “homeland security”.
  • Allowing over-taxation without protest.
  • Being told where, what and when to smoke while vices like texting and driving and alcohol abuse still run rampant.  Starbucks, are you listening?
  • Being told how many pets we can have while shelters are over-crowded.
  • The watchdog press. Except for “The Guardian”, they’re still trying.   The media has reverted to becoming pimps for whichever political party is in power as they write.  Sad, sad, sad.  Woodward and Bernstein where have you gone?
  • Riding motorcycles without helmets.
  • No longer honoring the right to allow someone to say something we don’t agree with: Freedom of Speech.
  • Paying Verizon, ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and any other cell phone provider to GIVE our information to the government due to the US Patriot Act.

The sad fact is, when we codify our freedom is lost.  The more we let government into our lives, the more they will take our rights and individualism away.  It’s the nature of the greedy beast.  Why can’t we all just be a little more logical, a little less greedy and a lot more verbose of what we will and won’t stand for?  Think I’ll be on some PRISM list for blogging this?  I don’t care!  List me!


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