Monday Musings…Parent Edition



Those of you who know me know I’m neurotic.  I’m always second-guessing, worrying about things I have no control over and just, well, being me.  This lovely characteristic of mine makes me hard to live with at times.   When I found out that I was having a child in my late 30’s I worried how it would affect my daughter.  Then in my early 40’s when I became pregnant with my son, I was in worry overload.  After 17 years of parenting, I’m here to attest to any other parents that are like me out there….YOU WON’T HURT YOUR KIDS PSYCHES!

My last week has been a string of daily affirmations that I must be doing something right I’ll discuss all my wrongs in another post as a parent. If bragging parents get on your last nerve, you may want to quit reading here.   Indulge me, and let me bask for one more moment in the “I haven’t screwed my kids up yet” glory!

  • On Tuesday, my son was awarded for making the A honor roll all year.  ALL YEAR!
  • On Wednesday, my daughter was chosen to be the High School Television’s anchor AGAIN for her Senior year.
  • On Thursday, my son was again awarded with…wait for it….the Outstanding 7th Grader for his entire SCHOOL! he also won 2 teacher’s awards for Teen Leadership and PRE-AP Math.
  • On Friday, my son’s baseball team beat the team that has beat them all year long to win the City Championship.
  • On Saturday, my daughter took the SAT and didn’t freak out!
  • On Sunday, my son’s team won the Regional Championship and he batted in the winning run.

Yes, I can honestly say, for one shining week I have felt like a successful parent.  My kids aren’t hooked on drugs; my daughter isn’t a teenage pregnancy statistic; they aren’t wildly popular in school, they’re just normal; and the teachers love them both!  Even though their friends have labeled me a “hippie”.  Life is good!


4 responses to “Monday Musings…Parent Edition

  1. Congratulations. It is no surprise to me that someone of your intelligence and emotional strength has proven to be the parent you obviously are. Our children earn their own successes but I know when my son, after a well deserved promotion a bit ago, came up to me and just said “Thanks, Dad, you are occasionally cool” I have never felt better. Heck, and then he invited J & I to hang out with him at Comic Con. Yes, life is good. Cheers.

    • I put some side thoughts into the comment, but because I’m SOOOOO technically proficient, I used the less or minus keys instead of parentheses and it didn’t add them to the comment. After saying I want to go to Comic Con someday with my grown children, I worried you might think I was making a (shudder) age comment so I mentioned I was older than you. Then at the end, after the YOU ROCK I added, “and yes I’m repetitive too” because you so do! Let me know about your trip!

      • Ha, tis all cool. Age is somewhat in the mind, you are what you think you are, etc.and “I am in my mid 30’s and still look good in those jeans”. Comic Con was amazing, so surprisingly family oriented, such beautiful artwork, and James T. Kirk,
        Shatner!.. (actually fav thing was Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor, so very funny and engaging) Thanks for for the “You Rock”. I, however, only Rock, whereas you Rock & Roll. Love the blog and look forward to every new post.

  2. What a great story! I love that you went as a grown up family to Comic Con. I hope I get to do that someday with my kids! You are so right about our children earning their own successes, but isn’t it nice sometimes to pat our own backs for a few? That’s one of those things I hate doing and I always feel guilty after I do it, but right now, I’m still basking 🙂 thanks for the so appreciated comments, compliments and for reading me! You rock

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