Thursday Thoughts

April was a horrible month for me. Not physically (like the 13 months previous) Not emotionally (like the 2+ years I spent with someone I thought loved me but didn’t) or the 12+ years I spent with the man I married who went from great to horrible to great to disappointing to great to ridiculously “who the heck did I marry?” to gone for a few years. April shouldn’t have been horrible. It was national Poetry month. It was the month Iris bloom. It was the atmospheric twilight in Texas when it’s still cool but gets warmer in the late afternoon. April is the beginning of baseball for all things Holy. April used to be one of my very favorite months. Not anymore. October is still the one. But since October is many months away, I decided to reflect (and ramble) about why my life is great today. Ready?

  • My new puppy Socrates has been great for my son and daughter.  Seriously great!  Not only has my daughter now decided she doesn’t want to have sex because if she had a baby, it would be so much harder than raising a puppy and raising a puppy is hard but my son is reveling in the fact that he can teach a puppy tricks and it’s good for the dog and good for him.  He’s also learning that disciplining a puppy isn’t much fun either but that he must or the puppy will grow into an oversized dog that can’t be handled.  He now knows how hard it has been for his father and me when we’ve had to discipline him.
  • My son not only was invited to join the National Junior Honor Society, but was elected Vice-President.
  • My daughter has been asked to be an anchor AGAIN next year for her high school News program.  This is a first as the right to be an anchor has normally been reserved for Juniors; the Seniors course study is film and producing.  The director of the Academy chose 4 Seniors to again be anchors and my gorgeous daughter is one of them.
  • I’ve sincerely forgiven my husband.  I understand that many men are weak, okay, LOTS of men are weak and cannot share their emotions without feeling weaker.  I don’t understand this, and never have.  Is it a flaw in their upbringing? Is it innate?  Is it societal demands?  I don’t know.  But he did something horrendous that I never thought I would get over.  I have.  And I’m happy now.  Though I still wish he had just had an affair….it would have been so much easier than dealing with what he did.  I guess I should be thankful that he didn’t while I’m being thankful.
  • I love that I have taken over the family business.  Now, if all my clients would be really nice and the appraisal districts really stupid, life would be greater!
  • And while I’m at it…Ponder this:  “No Pain no Gain isn’t a slogan meant only for your physical self”.

Is it Friday yet?


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