5 Things I’ve Learned About Twitter



I’ve had far too much time lately to think about things.  Unfortunately, the things I’ve been thinking about are quite depressing so instead of writing about Cognitive Depression Therapy Something I will do soon! I did the typical Gayle thing.  I procrastinated!  I just didn’t want to think!  And one night with Glen is enough for me every few weeks.  It’s not that I don’t love you Glen, it’s just that being with you too much could be detrimental.   I could have cleaned house. um, NO!  I could have watched a movie.  I could have had a personal spa session as I have a ton of cosmetics that I haven’t used yet.  No. NO.  NO!  None of those ideas were enticing me.  I needed some intelligent conversation.  I needed some music.  I needed inspiration.

I reached for my Nook that has over 15 books I haven’t begun and settled in to a late night of reading.  Unfortunately, the screen has suspiciously broken and with my daughter’s Prom, Driver’s Ed and new insurance premiums approaching, a new one is not on the horizon.  So what to do?  I no longer Blip.  All the really good people with great musical tastes have left.  I perused Last.fm for a bit, but then I got hung up in love songs that reminded me of better times and that just wasn’t cutting it.  The Rangers played during the cold, wet day and lost so there was no baseball to entertain me.  I looked down at my phone and I had a few Twitter notifications.   Thus began my learning journey into the alleys of Twitter I had never traversed.  Who knew that procrastination could be so enlightening?


  1. Did you know that if you check out your follower’s followers you can learn a LOT about them?  For instance, I had no idea one of the people I speak to on Twitter loved jazz.  But there in her timeline were several “jazz friends”.  Funny, we’ve been communicating for years, but I never knew that.  On the other hand, a guy I was really interested in on Twitter has all kinds of “friends” that beg you to “hit them up” at their 1-800 numbers Why didn’t I check this out before Adam?  I could have come up with something better for my novel than the one I chose!  ha and offer all kinds of sexual,  um…dalliances.  Wait a minute, is Twitter just a glorified Craig’s List Personals?  In many cases, it seems so…which leads me to….
  2. WOW!  There is a truly seamy side of Twitter!  I don’t blush easily (okay, I do sometimes) but just WOW!  There are young women on Twitter who embrace the “Madonna shock” mentality when tweeting, and it seems the smarmier, the lewder, the more in your face, (literally) the better!  I was astounded how many women there were with these types of tweets, then I berated myself for being sexist.  I expect that from young men, but women?  Really?  Then it dawned on me that maybe most of these “women” with their innocent or provocative or sexually explicit avatars ARE really men.  You never know!  Anyway, after peeping through the windows of the steamier side of Twitter, I realized there are many, many more thousands of sexually repressed fixated people in the world and lots of them are quite witty! Unfortunately, they are in dire need of attention, they crave it like politicians and used car salesmen. Which leads me to….
  3. Favstar Before my little journey on Twitter, I had no idea this site existed, and it’s been around several years.  SELF-AFFIRMATION:   I suppose that’s good, I never realized that getting “stars” was a competition to many.  Favstar is a site that tracks what your followers are favoriting.  I always thought being able to see it in my “connect” page was enough, but I was wrong I guess.    This site lets the world know what your friends and anyone subscribed to this service is favoriting and retweeting.  What a great tool!  Seriously,  you can see the mindsets, worldviews, humor and interests of your followers or Twitter crushes by seeing what they like.  It’s quite the eye-opener!  Not only can you psychoanalyze your Twitter friends tweets, you can bestow “trophies” on them.  And OMG!  there’s a leaderboard as well!  With the “pro membership”  you can show off your tweets, browse older tweets and retweet them from you and other users, get a summary on who is stalking  retweeting and favoriting your tweets most and all kinds of “give up my privacy” features.   Call me judgmental, but after learning this fact, I will no longer have Twitter crushes on anyone who uses this service.  All I could keep thinking about what was how sorry I felt for them.  How very lonely they must be….and why would anyone want to be involved with someone who needs that much attention?  Yeah, there’s that condescending blonde voice coming out again.  Do these people really want the kind of followers they’re getting?   Which leads me to….
  4. Twitter followers.  Okay, I’ll admit it. I joined the Writer’s list for Twitter.  I did it to find other people who do, have the same hang ups or could share helpful hints on how to write, edit, or just show me new procrastinating ideas.  But what I don’t get is the big deal with having thousands of followers.  Okay, if you’re a company, I get it.  Having more followers means more people see your newest offerings.  But as an individual, what does it really matter unless you’re Ashton Kutcher, Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga?   Are we as a society really that desperate for attention?  The people I tweet with are funny!  They share my interests.  Some of them are friends I’ve never physically met.  Heck, most of them are.  But we’ve formed a friendship whether it be sports, philosophy, or musical mutual admiration based.  There’s a sense of sincerity there.  There’s a foundation.  I don’t feel as if I’m just tweeting to the dark hole of humanity.  I feel like I’m tweeting to a group of friends that are all over the US and world  at a pub or bar or club or workout room or classroom or tea or dinner  or….well you get it.  Which leads me to….
  5. Pay more attention to who is following you.  I need to practice my own advice here and instead of procrastinating, actually check out my followers.  So many people automatically “Follow” people who have followed them but if you aren’t interacting or sharing what’s the use?  Though it could be time-consuming, check who you follow and who follows you and actually tweet to them.  I mean, it’s called social media for a reason.  Be social! But also get a grip.  If you’re tweeting, following, favoriting every person with a “young” avatar about sex, you may need some adjustment….just sayin’.
  6. My followers are the best! yeah, I know that’s six, but it’s true.  My followers always make me smile whether it be during a Rangers game, Angels game,  Rockies, Yankees, Phillies, or Red Sox game, music sharing mood, depressing evening or successful day.  I really like them!  And if they’re fooling me by being someone they’re not, then maybe I should steal an idea from Favstar and give them a trophy for being great Twitter actors!




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