Of Awe and Mystery

WISE picture of Orion nebula in infrared

I am having a meditative Monday. I can’t stop my mind from asking questions I have no answer to nor can find. So, instead of putting a man’s face on this post, I chose a picture I ran across today of Orion. While I’m at it, here’s my thought today too. Don’t you think it better to be translucent rather than *mysterious*? Like the Orion Nebula, there’s still the mystery and awe but only because of its unknown components. Like a relationship, the great thing about the mystery IS the unknown and as you grow together in familiarity, the mystery then transforms into beauty. The key I think, is in retaining the awe.  Can you tell I’m tired of dealing with people who think it “hip” to be mysterious?  Or using the “mysterious” label to hide their lies and insecurities.  Man up!  We all have insecurities!  You would be abnormal if you didn’t!  Oh my GOD!  I think I just mutated subtweeting into my blog!


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