The Vagina Dialogues….You Vote

I was having a highly evolved discussion last night with a friend about all things haughty, you know, Georgie O’Keefe flower paintings vs the West paintings,  how the Higgs-Boson discovery will affect the future, North Korea’s nuclear antics, how Hollywood acts like they can take the truth, but really they can’t and then thanks to relaxation, we devolved….into discussions about SpongeBob which lead to gay lifestyles vs hetero lifestyles which lead to reality shows which lead to Honey Boo Boo…yeah, seriously.  He  we couldn’t stop laughing!

For those of you who know what I’m talking about it should be easy to vote.  For those of you who don’t, well….I can’t bring myself to enlighten you.  Just reread the title of today’s blog and choose which image best fits the subject.  I’ll let you in on in a hint.  I started the Georgia O’Keefe discussion, my friend chose the Honey Boo Boo route.  Which then lead to talk of honey and biscuits, gravy and biscuits and more sophomoric silliness!   Sheesh, maybe I should critique him on Lulu.  (do you know about this ridiculousness?)  ahhaaha!


A Hardee's Biscuit

A Hardee’s Biscuit

It’s called a biscuit because it looks like a Hardee’s biscuit when its done right and it opens up.  – Mama June on Honey Boo Boo explaining a nickname for her private part

Blue Flower, 1918

Georgia O’Keeffe consistently battled against the Freudian interpretations of her flower series. Alike to macro-photography, these paintings glanced deep into the exquisite crevices of orchids and calla lilies, dove inside along the sensuously open petals… wait, stop, sorry, sorry! They’re JUST FLOWERS!

I vote for Georgia’s image.  How about you?



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