The Article I’m Reading Today: Online Communication

In graduate school, online communication was my baby. It crept its way into many of my papers and asked questions of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Chaucer’s love stories. Of course then, it was a new phenomenon. I would love to explore this article today here, but unfortunately, I’m still down with the flu.

This article published by Science Daily begs many questions (at least from my Tamiflu wracked psyche) and so makes me wish I was a tenured professor at a Texas University.  Here’s a bit from the beginning:

The research is part of a burgeoning field of study into the effects of social media on everyday relationships and behavior. Personality and social psychologists are finding surprising ways in which people’s online environments and relationships reflect and influence their real-world ones, as presented January 19 at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) annual meeting in New Orleans.

“Researchers have known for a while that individuals give unique cues about who they are with the things they own, clothes they wear, things they say and do. However, though these cues are informative to knowing who someone truly is, they were not always so easily accessible to our entire social network,” says Lindsay Graham of the University of Texas, Austin, one of the presenters. “Now with much of our lives being lived online, and the boundaries having been blurred between who sees these cues and who doesn’t, it is all the more important to pay attention to the kinds of impressions we are giving off to those around us.”

Read it and get back to me will you? My eyes hurt too much to read and I’m not really interested in watching the Inauguration. (kinda the same way I don’t watch the Golden Globes or the Grammys)


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