Emotional Impotency


There’s a phenomenon that most women discuss that many men know little about.  No, it’s  not shopping, size, length or bank accounts.  It’s a legitimate issue for many women.  I have experienced it.  It exists.   It is:


 There are some people in the world who are emotionally impotent.  Their days are spent with thoughts only for themselves and if they DO think of another, it is in regard to how it affects their being.  It’s very sad actually.  Some psychiatrists label these people sociopaths.  They can communicate with the outside world, but they can’t have one on one relationships.   What causes this?   Is it an Oedipus conflict?  Is it narcissism?  Or is it just apathy?  I don’t know.

ED isn’t always the acronym for erectile dysfunction.  It can also be emotional dysfunction.

 Maybe someday the pharmaceutical companies will make emotional Viagra.    All wise men know that the best lovemaking comes from emotion, not a purple pill.


7 responses to “Emotional Impotency

      • True, but for many its not important. They go with the flow, and make do as long as they dont have to deal with existential questions. I think arises in those who live in limbo, not knowing who they are but who are well aware of that ignorance.

  1. Sorry for the delay, I have been sick with the flu. So in essence, ignorance of self becomes bliss for self. I mean, you can’t miss something you don’t know about. The hurt then is transferred to the person who cares about them. To continue the relationship, the enlightened partner must accept the other’s ignorance. You cannot change another person, they must change themselves, so attempting to teach or show or change them is a practice in futility. Quite the conundrum of the heart.

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