The Article That Upset Me Today… And Should Upset You TOO!

There is a Cure for Hep-C. But Money Stands in the Way. Imagine that!

I don’t want to make a fashion statement. I don’t want to be hip. I don’t want to be a cougar (though I have been at times) What I REALLY want to do is make a difference in the world before I die. I found this Twitterer (is that a word?) @hepCCure  and her website today.  After a day spent writing philosophical essays, this article really upset me. It should upset you too. Why do we allow this type of behavior in America? Our government is so busy meddling in other county’s affairs; our President is so busy dining with Jay-Z and Beyonce; our religious leaders are so busy asking for more money to convert the Atheists who have become the way they are through the acts of many self-proclaimed Christians; and then there’s the pharmaceutical companies. They are heavy PAC contributors. They pay for Doctors to take cruises, go to conferences and buy new wardrobes.  DOCTORS!!  Why not help the people without insurance?  Why not help the criticallly ill?  Why not HELP???  No their idea of help is manipulating healthcare, insurance and of course, medication costs….and then they do THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Stop whatever you’re doing and after reading the previous link,  read this:

Are you incensed? Don’t you want to do something about this???? Have you ever wished you could have made a difference but didn’t know how? Sign the petition. Write a letter to Gilead. Write a letter to your Senator. Pray.  Just make this greedy, capitalistic BS stop. Are you with me?


One response to “The Article That Upset Me Today… And Should Upset You TOO!

  1. Reblogged this on methadonemary and commented:
    That’s really fcuked up. Here in Australia people are still offered Interferon and Ribavirin (?). My gastro has told me to wait as there are new treatments around the corner that will have a much higher chance of clearing the virus for those of us who have genotype 1 or 4. Its shocking that there is no universal healthcare in the USA. Pharmaceutical comapanies are wrong.

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