The latest conversation/debate in my home has been about hipsters. Someone called my daughter one which made her rage inconsolably. I swear, her actions made me think “hipster” was a new form of “cracker” or that 4 letter word dubious men call women that begins with a “C” (I HATE that word) So the enlightenment (for me) began:

Daughter: Can you believe he called me a Hipster? OMG Mom! He’s supposed to be my boyfriend.

ME: Why is it so bad?

Daughter: Because Mom, hipsters are HORRIBLE! They’re egomaniacs. They think they know more about books, movies, and music than anyone else. They like obscure bands that suck, but they make big deals over them.  They’re like professors who dropped out of high school. They’re fakers. They’re posers. They’re HORRIBLE! They act like they don’t dress like everyone else then they all dress alike: beanies, sunglasses indoors, shorts, black leather, Skinny jeans, and facial hair.

ME: They sound insecure.

Daughter: Exactly! But in a way they think is “cool”. They have no ambition, usually live with their parents into their late 30’s and gripe about the state of our culture but never do a thing about it. I will NEVER be a Hipster! They don’t want to do anything but complain.

ME: (worrying now that the last man she was involved with fits her daughter’s definition of “hipster” and suddenly feeling even more stupid) Well why did he call you one? Were you complaining about something? You don’t have facial hair. You don’t have a beanie. You don’t wear sunglasses indoors.

Daughter: Because I was wearing Tom’s shoes and had my hair up in braids.

ME: Well I would call that more “hippie” than hipster. But seriously, why all the labels?

Daughter: Come on Mom, you’re the one who told me people make judgements about each other all the time but say “don’t judge me” just to feel self-important. Right?

ME: (sheepishly) Right. But I also said labels are ways for teens and often times adults to feel like they “fit in”. Maybe he’s just deciding whether or not he fits with you or you fit with him. The thing is, don’t resort to using labels. It’s like calling names when you’re a little kid.

Daughter: You’re right, but he can be such a Guido/Cholo at times!

ME: Shaking my head as I walk away with the sinking feeling of parenting failure once again and realizing that last guy I cared about really WAS a Hipster.  OMG!


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