The Surly Darkness of the Wolfman

Oh my!! One last demon to expunge so we can enjoy the Christmas Holidays with a light heart!  More Halloweenish than not, but so was the relationship.  Ironically, there truly is a Surly Brewing Company in Brooklyn.  They give a damn!


So thirsty but your surliness won’t let you drink.

The dark ale of self-absorption has made you drunk.

Your howling falls on 140 character deaf ears .

They don’t care about your musical aroma.

Or your high notes that you believe make you smooth.

A social disease.

An unsociable worldview.

Expose. Arrogance.

Excommunicate. Churlishness.


Dry out.

Get meds.

Get a job.

Help yourself. Help Others.

So dark with a mind so bright.

Turn on the light.

Surly Brewing in Brooklyn Gives a Damn

Why don’t you?


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