Love, Love, Love…

I can’t quit listening to this song!  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I adore music…especially when a song is sent to me with the sentiment, “This makes me think of you/us”….see if you don’t agree this song is awesome!



I been sleepin’ for 40 days and
I know I’m sleeping ’cause this dream’s too  amazin’
She got gold doorknobs where her eyes used to be
One turn and I  learned what it really means to see

Ah, it’s the magical  mystery kind
Ah, must be a lie
Bye bye to the too good to be true kind of  love
Oh, I could die
Oh now I can die

I been sleepin’ for 60 days  and
Nobody better pinch me
Bitch I swear I’ll go crazy
She got jumper  cable lips
She got sunset on her breath now
I inhaled just a little bit
Now I got no fear of death now




Thank you for this….you know who you are 🙂


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