Necessary Journey

Don’t obsess because it’s over again.

Don’t find stress where there is none.

The time, the situation, the duress

None of it could be overcome.

His life isn’t something you could live with

Your life was his with devotion.

  All the poetry, promises and plans were misguided

romanticized ideals, the Cancer of emotion.

His pride won’t let him show his loss

His machismo is chemically supported.

He’s surly, he rants, he’s a genius, he’s special

Self-absorbed, selfish and distorted.

Time is his biggest drug

He lives a life most would say is carefree

The alarm clock tolls for the responsible.

His alarm is that he has no sugar mommy.

YouTube, movies and books are his life

He’ll share a blip or two.  Or a

140 character rant when the liquor kicks in

Why would he need you?

Doesn’t he know he had it all?

Doesn’t he even care?

What the hell is the matter with me, opening my veins for him?


No one cares

No one cares

Someone cares.

Not him.


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